"How long will it take to receive my order?"

When considering production and shipping time, most orders arrive within 8-10 business days. This excludes weekends and holidays. We automatically ship USPS First Class mail, which can take up to 5 business days in transit. If you would like to receive your order faster, please update your shipping method to "Priority Mail" or above.

"Who do you use to ship your orders?"

We use the United States Postal Service.

"If my order doesn't require customization, how long will it take to arrive?"

Most of our offerings are produce on demand. That means we still make it when you order, so shipping will remain the same as above.

"I haven't received my order yet. What do I do?"

Step 1: Locate your tracking number. Step 2: Verify that you provided the complete and accurate address, including apartment/suite number. Step 3: Check your email inbox for any shipping related correspondence from us. Step 4: Contact our customer service team for further assistance.

"How can I send one of your products as a gift to someone else?"

You'll need to provide us with the full name and proper address (double check spelling and accuracy of the apartment/suite numbers, if any) of the recipient. You'll be given a tracking number along with shipping information and instructions regarding the order. Please be aware that total shipping time will take eight to ten days. Take that into account when planning for birthdays, anniversaries or any special events.

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